Moldenhauer & Associates provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management services. Whether someone is looking for a financial plan, ongoing portfolio advice, or help addressing a specific financial concern, we are here to serve.

Investment management is the biggest financial concern that most of us will face in our lives. Moldenhauer & Associates assists families in planning for the transition from working life to what everyone hopes will be a long and comfortable retirement. Members of our firm often speak at national financial industry meetings. The topics we discuss include our planning process, how we provide constantly upgraded service for our clients, and how we assist our clients in the areas of personal, business, and estate planning.

Business owners confront a unique set of financial challenges ranging from tax treatment to succession planning. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand your needs and have a long track record of working with people in your position. We provide a full range of services to assist business owners in the areas of benefit planning, succession planning, and various forms of qualified and non-qualified retirement plans.

Financial planning is the key to our highly personalized approach to helping you tackle the entire range of life’s financial challenges. From our first meeting with you, we work to clarify your relationship to money while ensuring that your resources are invested in the most efficient ways available. We work hard to get our clients organized and keep them organized so that the financial planning work that we do creates lasting value.

Estate planning plays a central role in our business because we recognize the importance of ensuring that your survivors are protected and that your ultimate legacy is passed on as smoothly and tax-efficiently as possible. Moldenhauer & Associates has helped many clients set up a wide variety of charitable, dynastic, and other special-purpose trust vehicles. Regardless of a person’s wealth, proper estate planning can reduce expenses and taxes and assure that assets get to the people you care about.

Commonwealth Financial Network® does not provide legal or tax advice. You should consult a legal or tax professional regarding your individual situation.