Estate Planning

Estate Planning as an Integral Part of Your Financial Plan, Not an Afterthought

Helping clients develop their estate and trust strategies is one of the things we do best. Moldenhauer & Associates of Orchard Park, NY has been specializing in this aspect of our client’s financial lives for over 40 years. We understand that estate planning is really about protecting the people you leave behind, not the money you leave behind. Proper planning can include:

  • Designing trust strategies to protect your estate from unnecessary fees and taxes
  • Provisions for the ongoing care for elderly parents or special-needs children
  • Developing a strategy to pass on your successful family business without burdening your heirs with potentially crippling tax liabilities

Understanding what you need is just part of the story. Moldenhauer & Associates will work closely with your attorney to ensure you have the appropriate wills, trusts, and other legal vehicles in place to help make your plan a reality

From our experience, we know that most people have issues with their estate plans; whether they are serious deficiencies or simply things that could be done in a better way. We always begin with a review of what you have in place, then regularly revisit your estate plan to make sure it is still relevant and up-to-date. Taking these steps early can mean your wishes are met and your loved ones are cared for as you intended.

We also offer our Survivor’s Guide to all of our clients. The Survivor’s Guide is a system designed to collect your will, trust documents, beneficiary information, bank account numbers and locations, and other vital information that a spouse or other heir will need to reference. When it becomes necessary to reference this material, your family can be spared significant emotional pain and expense at the very moment they are most vulnerable.