Investment Management

An Independent Investment Advisor with a Disciplined Approach

One way or another, the performance of an investment portfolio always becomes a part of a financial plan.  The growth or availability of assets drives financial and other decisions, and impacts education funding, retirement, and lifestyle options. 

How well your investment portfolio is built and managed has real consequences. We believe clients of Moldenhauer & Associates can benefit from our tailored advice and a disciplined approach to investing.  We do not use or recommend proprietary investment products.

We have been planning with a purpose for over 40 years and follow for ourselves the same advice that we give.  In developing an investment plan, we will:

  • Identify and quantify a client’s financial goals
  • Develop and implement strategies to reach those goals
  • Monitor, report on and rebalance investments to stay on plan

When investments are part of a financial plan we have developed for a client, the performance of the investment portfolio will be reviewed during our periodic meetings in the context of overall plan performance.  Our conservative approach to investing means we seek to create balance and a safety blanket for people as they invest; it is not all about risk, it is about balancing risk with safety.