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Moldenhauer & Associates is a financial services firm dedicated to helping our clients better understand, plan, and manage their financial futures. Our relationship-based approach equips individuals, families, and businesses with solutions that place their interests first.

Every client at our firm benefits from what we call “continuity of service.” This means our entire staff of professional financial advisors make every effort to continuously provide outstanding client care while attentively managing your service requests.

Our relationship with Commonwealth Financial Network®, our broker/dealer, affords us the latest advanced resources; when coupled with our highly trained and experienced advisory staff, our clients can be confident in our guidance.

To discover how to grow your wealth and protect your assets or to reserve your seat, we invite you to attend one of our introductory no-obligation seminars and learn about financial planning with the purpose of ensuring your stability and security in the years ahead

A new and improved Investor360 mobile app experience is coming on 5/10/24.  Users will need to uninstall the old app and then download the new app by searching for "Investor360"

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